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Finding a perfect candidate during high employment

12 February 2020

By Executives Team

Finding a perfect candidate during high employment

Seeking The Right Candidate in a Competitive Market

It was published by the Government in January that the high-employment rate sits at 76.3%. Although 2020 has brought challenging times from February, there’s definitely an opportunity to find the right candidate for your business.

Planning is the theme that will be carried throughout the process; you need to know exactly what skills you’re looking for, how it could benefit the existing time with a new hire, alongside how to track the applicant’s progress throughout the recruitment journey.

At Executives we always aim to find the perfect candidate during the search, and with that, here are a few steps in the right direction to know what to do when trying to find one.

Know what you want from a candidate

This is step 1; you need to know exactly who you’re looking for, and what you want the role to achieve for you and the department in question.

  • Would you like someone experienced or someone new to the industry?

  • Would you like someone who works well in groups or will this be for a special project?

  • Do you need them to start soon or during the next quarter once a project begins?

These are just a few examples but they could define just who you want in your organisation.

Talk to the department who will be having this new candidate; what do they require?

This is a crucial part of the process; it’s great that you know who you require, but what about the department in question? They need to give an outline at the least of the skills they require, and where they could benefit the workload that they take on every week.

Better yet, perhaps have them create a short-test of sorts for a candidate; just to see how they could answer and deal with certain situations. Have the department create this, and distribute it when candidates reach the second stage of the process for example.

Write a clear and concise job description; what do you require?

Now that you’ve got a clear idea of who you are looking for, the next step is the job description to show just who you require; who you need; who you want to welcome into the team.

No one wants to read a short story on the job description; they want to know what the role will entail, what prospects there could be, and what kind of candidate the job requires. 

SEO is something to remember when posting a job-role; the engagement is key for candidates to find the posting in the sea of other job’s being offered; make sure that the copy stands out.

It’s also great to state that it’s okay if it’s over Zoom, or that there will be a short-test to better understand them from the department of where the job will be mainly based at.

Perhaps most importantly; it needs to get to the point, to be concise, to show that your business is the one to apply for; the one to work for, and to do good work at. If it gives a message of encouragement and empowerment during a high-employment period, it could attract others who may not have thought to apply before.

Use a tracking system - Mail/Apps

The days of checking the progress through an e-mail thread or a spreadsheet application are long gone. The detail here is incredibly important to see just how the candidate responded to certain questions given by you or the department, alongside any scores in a test that may have been given.

An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a great way to help track the progress of candidates when they’ve applied, right up to being offered the role.

ATS applications can have a massive benefit in tracking the recruitment processes, especially when it’s during high-employment. Fast access to the candidates and their progress from any smart-device, can be a big help, especially when it gets to the point of deciding between one of two candidates.

There you have it; a few steps to point you in the right direction of finding the perfect candidate.

High employment is a time where the recruitment process has to be at its best in order to find the right person for the role, which is why at Executives, we make sure to find the right person, every time.

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