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Recruitment during Lockdown

15 April 2020

By Executives Team

Recruitment during Lockdown

Recruitment: A Constant Even in Times of Uncertainty

We’re almost at the halfway point of 2020, and we’re all facing unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic of COVID-19, but if you’re a business and you need help in the way of staff, how do you start the recruitment process, and how best do you realise who the best person is for the job when it will be remote working to start with?

There’s always opportunity, regardless of the challenge ahead or the challenges to come. So when it comes to recruiting, it could bring someone into the process who you may have never heard of before; so how does one do this during the lockdown?

Sell the Vision Collaboratively

Make the recruitment a collaborative process, from start to finish. From how the job advertisement looks and the message it conveys, to deciding on the right person who best fits the role. The candidate needs to understand a clear message of what the job will entail during lockdown. So be frank, be honest and let them know that there is a goal in mind, and the situation will change. 

Use the Technology Around You

There’s probably been a moment where you’ve stepped back in the last few weeks and thought how you could have done any work in the early nineties, but for interviews, a phone call is never enough, especially if you want to hire the right person for the role.

It may seem obvious now there has been a flurry of new users and it has become the new norm, but using apps such as Skype and Zoom are fantastic ways to interview someone. It can give an idea of their time management but also how they come across visually. It doesn’t necessarily matter if the meeting is not face to face in the traditional way, it only matters how the candidate comes across and whether they will benefit the business and the role being offered.

Make Them Feel Welcome Through Technology

Congratulations! You’ve made the final decision to hire a candidate who best fits the role and the business.

However, there’s no ‘break the ice’ moment in an office due to the lockdown. To better introduce them to the team and the business as a whole, set up a Zoom-meeting; have them meet the heads of department on an ‘induction day’ to see what their role entails, and what they do day-to-day, perhaps through screen-sharing their desktop.

The lockdown is an uncertain time, and it can be anxiety-filled. But it can bring opportunity, it can bring a candidate that will be able to shine through the online process, whether if it’s through Zoom or other applications; but they need to fit in the team. Make sure that they are, regardless if the only communication is through Slack; if they can make their voice heard and valued, then the recruitment process will have been a success.

Of course, this also means that the formula can now be repeated for the next role to be recruited. 

Recruitment need not be a stressful process at a time like this, rather rethought, modernised and streamlined due to circumstance.

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