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Being honest with yourself; is the job right for you?

20 October 2020

By Executives Team

Being honest with yourself; is the job right for you?

As you’re reading this, you could be in a job that you once thought you would happily work in forever.

It’s a place where you’ve made long-lasting relationships, your end of year review has always been good or ‘above and beyond’, while your favourite mug is known to be yours and yours alone.

However, something has been ebbing away in your mind; is now the time to move on?

This is just one example of deciding that the job isn’t right for you any more.

There are others who may have begun a job role and only a month in, decided that it’s not really for them.

Throughout 2020, many employees have had more time than usual to think about their plans for the future regarding their career. Everyone does, no matter how big or small the plans are for the career.

The main question to ask is; are you content in the job you have? It’s the ultimate goal in making sure that the 9-5 role is pushing you to improve your career while learning new skills. 

Realising that the job doesn’t fulfil the needs of your career could be down to the following factors:

  • Benefits

  • Promotion Prospects

  • Salary

  • Sudden Change in Job Requirements

There is no harm in refining your CV and your LinkedIN profile in the interim, just to see what jobs you would be happy to apply for. There’s also the option of talking to your manager about any way of making the job better for yourself. But by now there’s a good chance that you’re already looking elsewhere regardless, while the resignation letter is in a draft version.

Research is another big factor in this; are there jobs available in your industry that can build upon your career? Are there jobs that are local and if not, are there remote opportunities, getting rid of that need for a commute five days a week?

COVID-19 has pressed ‘fast-forward’ on how many companies see remote working, and others are even expiring the lease to their offices.

It all depends on just how it can work with the job role while finding the right balance between work and home life. The pandemic has tipped the scales to many with no choice, but there are signs that these are now returning to an even level.

The overriding reason, from the beginning of this decision to apply for jobs, should be this:

Has the job fulfilled what you wanted to achieve in your career so far?

If yes, it’s full steam ahead on a new job role and to see just what your industry can offer you in achieving that perfect work-life balance.

Self-reflection is an underrated skill, it means you are able to take an objective look at your efforts so far and seek a way to improve on them. Take a moment to consider everything, it could mean you come to life-changing realisations. 

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