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Reaching out to recruiters directly

03 November 2020

By Executives Team

Reaching out to recruiters directly

Standing out is one of the main attributes in making sure that you’re noticed for a potential interview. Visiting the premises with your CV, cover letter and references simply aren’t enough anymore, especially in certain industries.

However, with the rise of social media, there’s recently been a growing need from applicants in using certain channels like LinkedIn and Twitter as portfolios to make an approach and contacting companies and recruiters directly.

You can spend months signed up to company pages on LinkedIn to see if there are jobs available that fit your criteria. But it could still bring no results.

You’re still hitting roadblocks, you’re still receiving the emails of rejection. Sometimes you need to go that extra mile, to see if there are jobs available without having to search through the many recruitment sites.

The main role of recruiters is to help someone find a job, and make sure the applicant is the best fit for the job in hand. That’s it. 

It’s great to check the sea of careers sites and make sure that your CV is up to date, but it’s merely another application to the inevitable pile that the managers will be sorting when the apply date concludes.

LinkedIn is a great start in reaching out to recruiters. If you haven’t got a profile on the website, now is the time. It doesn’t matter if it’s brand new; as long as there’s a detailed work history, a recent profile picture and a detailed ‘About’ section, you could be in good stead with a recruiter already.

Once you have an account, the next stage is reaching out, where the following is advised:

A personalised connection request 

While you’re looking at a recruiter local to your area, there’s always a temptation to press on the ‘Connect’ button right away and send a message a week after. But this can put you on the wrong foot. Instead, attach a custom note to when you connect, briefly introducing who you are and why you want to connect. The justified reason why, can help the recruiter give them a need to look at your profile and see if they have a job role that could fit your skills.

Use the Hashtags

It’s only in the last eighteen months that hashtags have taken increased precedent on LinkedIn, where you can make sure the feed on your homepage is relevant to your aims, and having it catered to recruiters will be a good start here. It can help you discover jobs from recruiters, and in turn, able to reach out to them. Going to the search bar and entering the hashtag symbol, followed by ‘hiring’ or ‘recruiter’ can generate a feed that you can then follow when needed.

Engage with them on their posts

Recruiters will be sharing posts and even blog posts to align with their thoughts and beliefs on the many industries that they will be involved in. It helps to engage with these; from pressing ‘like’ to commenting. It can form a conversation, because in time a memory could spark to the recruiter, and they could message you about a potential job opening.

These are just a few examples of what could be done to have yourself rise above the rest. But it’s a good start in using a site such as LinkedIn in the right way. It can help drive conversation and more potential for a job. Share what you’ve been doing career-wise and your comments on parts of the industry. It all helps the prospect of a job, and it better helps a recruiter decide that you are indeed the right person for the job they have available.

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