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Using social media to secure your next job

24 November 2020

By Executives Team

Using social media to secure your next job

Imagine the scenario; you’re going to a newly opened restaurant with friends in this post-lockdown world, and you want to tag the restaurant using Instagram as you’re sitting down, having ordered and now checking your phone as you’re waiting for the drinks to arrive.

As you check-in, you find the name of the restaurant, and as you post your ‘Story’, you decide to look at the profile of the restaurant itself. Here, you get to discover how they made all the efforts to open up, while introducing their menu, upcoming items from the menu, alongside the staff.

This is an entry point into discovering more about the business. The absolute same objective can be applied to a CV, and an innovative approach can really appeal to an employer.

Catching the CV-eye

Think about it in this way; employers receive hundreds, if not thousands of applicants for every job. Be it through e-mail or even passers-by at businesses with brick-and-mortar locations, handing in CVs. A CV with the usual information and a basic format is fine, but it can be difficult to sort who may be getting a call-back and those who won’t be. It’s a quick impression of the person’s skills and what qualifications they’ve gained, but rarely does it give a big insight into the potential applicant and their true nature or personality.

If you put together a work-geared profile on a social network platform that is also suited to the field of work you’re looking for, you may find yourself being contacted for opportunities if it’s designed and presented correctly.

A Social CV Profile

Let's take Instagram for example; it’s a simple design with the fewest clicks to reach a profile and further information as soon as the app is launched.

When we look at a general profile, we have a profile picture, a short bio, and a web address.

Have the bio mention companies you’ve worked with in the past, with a very short description of what it is that you do. Make it succinct and to the point, as that’s all someone wants when they come across the profile.

When it comes to the web address, it can really help to link it to a personal site that shows more of your work; whether that's blog-posts, a more complete portfolio, or even the latest project that you’ve been working on.

However, with Instagram, the main focus of any profile is the posts, and the context here will matter for recruiters. If you want to show your skills and achievements, have them as screenshots, with the captions describing a short story behind it. 

Of course if you have a portfolio, such as articles, artwork or even products that you’ve produced for other businesses, then post these too, or include video samples of them if possible. Every single aspect of your profile should give you and your suitability for the job much more depth than a CV on paper can ever do.

The advantages of constructing a profile such as this are numerous; you can see how many users have visited, you can see where they’ve visited it, and you can constantly upload and even edit other posts if you feel it is necessary. The creativity you can display here is clear.

Always look to stand out and be alluring to the recruiter; it’s what could make the difference between bagging that interview or falling at that crucial first hurdle.

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